Holistic Treatments

Holistic Allergy and Pain Solutions
Our bodies are quite adept at repairing themselves. We use methods that aid that natural ability with modalities like acupuncture, nutrition, allopathy, chiropractic and NAET.

Allergy Therapy

NAET can complement other medical therapies that require the use of pharmaceutical drugs ( e.g. antibiotics, chemotherapy, radiation) to treat for any side effects and to maximize the effectiveness of the drugs. With the progress of modern science and technology, new chemicals and products are being developed everyday and can create potential allergens for people. NAET is a truly revolutionary solution that provides relief from adverse reactions to new allergens and empowers the individual to live a better life in our modern world.


Since acupuncture (or acupressure) points fall along the body’s energy pathways or meridians, either of these methods may be used to balance the nervous system to bring the body to a state of homeostasis. This is done in the presence of a given allergen so that an allergic reaction will not result upon future contact with that same substance. When this result is obtained, the patient is said to have been “cleared” of his allergy to that substance.

Massage Therapy

By recognizing that disease and stress affect not just the physical but also psychological, spiritual and mental well-being, holistic healing massage enables the body’s natural recovery capabilities to come forth and stabilize the entire body as a whole. Chronic pain, diabetes, and sleep disorders are just a few of the many aliments that can be treated with massage therapy.

Opioid-Alternative Therapies

Prescription opiods block pain signals to the brain, but do not cure pain and are dangerous. The American College of Physicians state “Opioids should be considered only if no other treatments work and only if there are more benefits than risks.” We provide drug free alternatives such as NAET, acupuncture and massage therapy to help prevent opiod abuse.
Acupuncture causes the body to release its own natural and safe opioid compound which blocks pain and inhibits pain signals traveling to and from the brain.
Therapeutic massage relieves pain by relaxing painful muscles, tendons, joints and reduces painful contractions. This relieves stress anxiety and stimulates nerves fibers to block pain signals to and from the brain.

Immune Support and Defense

NAET immune balancing therapy is based in Chinese medicine and has been helping patients for the past 35 years to overcome illnesses. It’s used as a preventative and anti-viral therapy and for immune support.