Autism from Prenatal Fear Experience
“Monica was eight years old when she was brought to our clinic. This beautiful girl was born autistic. She was nonverbal, noncommunicable with no eye contact. Any little noise made her scream and hide under the table or behind a door. While she was being examined, a fire engine passed by my office and she was frightened beyond description. Through NTP (NAET® Testing Procedures) we detected a fear that had affected her while she was in the womb at eight months. When questioning her mother Sonya, it was revealed that something horrible had happened while she was expecting her during the 8th month. Sonya had gone to do some shopping at about 10 a.m. When she returned to her condominium, she found many fire trucks and police cars blocking her entryway to the condominium. Her condo had burned down completely as well as the neighbors on both sides. The fire had started from her condo. She had left some food cooking on the stove and forgot to turn it off when she went to the market. She was so devastated about the whole thing that she became extremely sick and began having labor pains. She was admitted to the hospital immediately and stayed for a couple of weeks until Monica was born. Sonya’s story supported the result of NTP. It is believed that the fetus absorbed the fear and became autistic when born. We treated Monica for this fear as a first treatment and she calmed down after the treatment for fear. She continued NAET® treatments for 18 months. She is a 14-year-old, normal, beautiful girl attending a regular school now. Autistic children should be checked for all possible emotional blockages before and after birth.”
– NAET® Specialist: Mala Moosad, R.N., L.Ac.
NAET with Acupuncture
“Acupuncture using Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques gives me great satisfaction in treating my patients. My patients and I love the results, it brings acupuncture into 21st century.” – NAET® Specialist: Mala Moosad, R.N., L.Ac.
– Denis Alvino, OMD., L.Ac
“I suffered from psoriasis and joint pains for seven years. My skin completely cleared up after I was treated for calcium mix, cheese mix, chocolate and vitamin F (fatty acids).”
– Theresa
“Immediately after menopause and going on hormone replacements, I developed a large cyst on my left ovary. After treating my hormones with NAET, the cyst disappeared – never to return again.”
– Elena Oumano, Ph.D
Allergy to Contact Lenses
“I love the feeling of not having to wear my glasses but I have always hated the itchiness and dryness I felt when wearing my contact lenses. After my first NAET treatment with MC, I noticed a big improvement with the contact lenses and my eyes. My eyes have been itch-free and moist ever since. I can wear my contacts without problems now.”
– Dr. Rafael Gomez (PhD Economist) Toronto, Ontario

Poison Ivy Testimonial

Want to hear even more amazing testimonials about experiences with NAET?
NAET Testimonials
From IBS to a pain free life

“I had IBS for 6 years before a friend referred me to NAET. I had severe abdominal pain all the time and was very allergic to drugs. I couldn’t eat anything and always had diarrhea which caused me to lose 70 pounds in a single year. I found myself depressed and not wanting to spend time with friends. Once I began treatment I saw and felt improvements right away and continued to get better each time I went! Because of NAET I got a job and returned to college part-time. I can eat all food without triggering any abdominal discomfort or pain!”

                                                   -Sean, 24

Hay Fever Caused by Milk Allergy

“I suffered from hay fever ever since my childhood. I was told by other medical professionals that I could reduce the symptoms by drugs, but not eliminate them. Then I studied NAET and found out that I was very allergic to milk. I drank two glasses of milk daily. When I was treated with therapy for my milk allergy, my lifelong bout of hay fever left me. I am free again to enjoy milk without being bothered by my hay fever it was a holistic medicine experience.”

                                          -Dr. Tyler Anderson”


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