A 60-year-old female came in with the history of migraines for over 20 years.  She takes pain medication regularly whenever she got the migraines, sometimes she felt better when she took the medication, sometimes nothing helped.  She suffered from headaches at least a couple of months, especially before the weather became cloudy, rainy and damp.  Whenever she was down with a migraine, her family knew that they were going to have a bad weather in a few hours.  I began with the basic NAET® with her. 

When she completed her basic fifteen, she got free from her migraines.  She reported lately that since she completed NAET® Basics two years ago, she hasn’t had a migraine.  She also lost her talent in forecasting the weather.

A story of

Yumie Saito, BCSc, RN

Shizuoka, Japan

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