Apple Juice Caused My Daughter’s Ankle Pain!

ankle pain

I want to express my sincere gratitude for your quick diagnosis and treatment of my daughter, Nithya Menon, over the phone.

A few weeks ago, Nithya experienced sudden and severe pain in her foot and ankle in the middle of the night, despite no apparent injury or swelling. After consulting our Pediatrician, who suggested pain relief and monitoring, Nithya felt better in the morning and went to school without any pain.

The following night, after dinner, my daughter experienced the same severe foot and ankle pain. I reached out to Dr. Devi Nambudripad, explaining the situation and listing the foods Nithya had consumed. Dr. Devi identified the culprit as chemicals and preservatives in the apple juice and advised treating for it. Without resorting to motrin, I followed her advice and treated for Apple Juice.

Within 30 minutes, Nithya fell asleep without any pain complaints. The next morning, she woke up refreshed at 7:00 am, in stark contrast to the previous morning when she felt drowsy due to taking motrin. Remarkably, the pain never returned. This experience was nothing short of astonishing — a true miracle. NAET and Allergy Treatment worked wonders for my child when traditional diagnosis fell short. My heartfelt thanks for this incredible relief.


Ravi Vellatheri, Father of Nithya Menon, 7 year old.

Irvine, CA

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