Cindy’s Remarkable Recovery: Beating Interstitial Cystitis and Allergies with NAET®

food allergy

My daughter, Cindy Sénéchal 17 years old suffered from many allergies (peanuts, milk, strawberries, eggs, dogs, cats, honey and grass) and had interstitial cystitis for over 3 years.  She did not have to eat the food, even smelling the peanuts or cut-grasses from far gave her painful interstitial cystitis.  After trying many treatments and medication (3000.00$ last year), she also had an operation for an extension of her bladder and the doctor said there was nothing else he could do.  She would have to live with the pain.  She had to quit her job and had difficulty to go to school.  Some days the pain was so bad she had trouble to get out of bed.  But thank God we heard about NAET® and after 10 treatments the pain is gone and she doesn’t have anymore allergies.  It’s unbelievable.  She can eat, smell peanuts, every other products she was allergic to without swelling and pain and of course no more trouble breathing.

Thank you Dr. Devi for discovering this unique treatment and thank you Cheryl for learning NAET® and bringing in to this part of the world so that we could have our daughter get freed from her constant pain and have a normal life.  You have changed our daughter’s life for the best and we are very grateful. 


Pearl Shaw

Montreal, CANADA

Cheryl Cameron, NAET Practitioner, CANADA.

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