How NAET Eliminated Pro Football Player’s Pain – Art Hunter’s Story

I suffered from one of the worst types of degenerative arthritis called osteoarthritis all along my football
career. I had symptoms of arthritis before I started my football life. I played with Greenbay  

Cleveland Browns, Steelers and L.A. Rams for 14 years. I took pain pills, had my knees aspirated and the liquid drained off occasionally. I took cortisone
shots Periodically to reduce inflammation in my knees throughout my career. I was never free of pain even with the number of different medications I took every day. Medication helped to assuage the pain. Sometimes I got severe indigestion & abdominal cramps after taking medication.

Then I was guided to Dr. Devi & divine NAET. After a few basic NAET treatments, my knees stopped hurting. It turned out to be food sensitivity related. I was also allergic to pain medication and she treated me for my medications too. Now I can take medication if I need it without getting any discomfort. It was a relief to find out I didn’t have to take pain pills throughout the day to get me going. I continued NAET treatments for over a year. Now my arthritic pains and indigestion are non-existent. No more cortisone injections, no more aspiration of the joints, no more draining the
synovial sacs, since 1996.
I’m not dependent on pain pills any more. Now I’m blessed to eat any type of food without having to worry about getting indigestion or pains in my knees as long as I self-test for allergies before I eat them… I’m enjoying every moment in my present pain-free world. Health is Wealth! Health is Great! I will barter anything for this health! I can’t thank Dr. Devi & NAET enough for helping me find this new life!


Art Hunter Ex-Football Player/RAMS/Packers/Browns/Steelers

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