Overcoming Food Allergies and Chronic Pain: A Personal Journey by Edwina C. Mananzan

food allergies

NAET has been a divine gift for me. I suffered from severe food allergies since the late 1980s, primarily to chicken, shrimp, and calcium-rich foods. Despite consulting allergists, my condition persisted. In December 2003, a friend recommended N.A.E.T. therapy. After a few sessions, I could eat previously allergenic foods without reactions. This transformation felt miraculous. Now, I’m liberated from my food allergy ordeal and no longer limited to just rice and gourd.

In December 2003, I suffered severe lower back pain due to a pinched nerve, leading to excruciating pain even with medical treatments like traction. Mila suggested eliminating corn and nuts from my diet, promising relief. Skeptical, I tried NAET therapy. Astonishingly, after just two sessions, the pain started to diminish. During the third session, I felt the pain leaving my body entirely. I couldn’t believe the pain was gone, but it truly was—a miracle! Thanks to NAET, I’m once again enjoying a pain-free life.


BS Chemical Engineering, Mapua Institute

of Technology, Manila, Philippines

MS Chemistry, Marquette University,

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Retired Professor in Chemistry

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