Michael’s Whiplash Recovery: A Life Transformed by NAET Treatments

Michael had a whiplash injury when he was 24, setting off a four-year odyssey through various specialists, treatments, and therapies. Medication, physical therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic care were part of his daily life, but the pain in his upper back and neck persisted, taking a toll on his sleep and overall well-being.

A Desperate Search for Relief

His life was marred by severe insomnia, where he couldn’t sleep for more than 30 minutes at a time, both day and night, for four long years. Depression, a stiff neck, muscle spasms in the neck, and pain when rotating his neck added to his misery. Unable to work, he relied on disability support to get by.

A New Beginning with NAET Treatments

Desperate for a solution, Michael came to our office. Allergen testing revealed that he was highly allergic to essential nutrients, which gave us a new direction. We wasted no time and began NAET treatments, with three sessions per week.

The Journey to Recovery

After completing the initial three NAET treatments, a glimmer of hope emerged. Following the calcium mix treatment, Michael reported that he had slept for two hours straight during the past two nights – a small victory that filled him with joy. Subsequent treatments targeting mineral mix, salt mix, and grain mix gradually reduced his neck muscle spasms, lessened the pain during neck rotation, and improved his sleep to four hours at a time.

The Remarkable Turnaround

After approximately 55 office visits for treatments addressing all basic and classic allergens, Michael’s pain in the neck and upper back had decreased to a remarkable “0-1” on the pain scale of 0-10, where “0” meant no pain at all. He found restful nights without the aid of sleep aids or pain medications. With the reduction in pain, his depression naturally lifted.

A Bright Future Ahead

Reclaiming his life, Michael was soon able to find a job that piqued his interest, marking a significant turning point in his journey. What’s truly remarkable is that eight years later, he remains healthy and happy, devoid of any lingering effects from his past whiplash injury.

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