Tony’s Pain Story – Chronic Pain and Drug Dependence

Tony’s Pain Story is the story of most patients suffering from Chronic Pain and Degenerative diseases–

where they find NAET, get treated and discover to their surprise their Chronic pain and their Mystery symptoms turn out to be from something they’ve been eating which they’ve had a Sensitivity to and their doctor for whatever reason never recommended they do a sensitivity test to see what they are Hyper-sensitive to, and they found themselves reliant on Pharmaceuticals to get from day to day, for the rest of their lives.

Unveiling Hidden Sensitivities

The TRUTH about your Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia– The TRUTH often turns out to be SImple! like the Razor Blade story–Our Grandparents shaved and got through life perfectly fine with their single blade. As the ________pointed out and laid bare on social media, By the time your generation came along and Gazillions of $$$$$$$$$ of Marketing commercials and Paid Celebraty endorsements, the only thing we learned was that we needed to buy and use multiple blades razor each time for a single shave that our Grandparents used a single blade and accomplished just fine.

The Simplicity of Truth

Patients like Razorblade customers are smart and eventually figure out the Truth that If they learn that their Pain is from something they are eating, then they no longer have to Live miserable painful lives that are Dependent on taking more and Drugs that each carry a short List of Warnings and Adverse Side Effects….

Tony’s Revelation

As soon as he found a Doctor who checked for Sensitivities, he learned the truth about why his pain continued for 16 Years and resolved it and Said Goodbye to Illness, free from the years of pain that kept him Dependent and Miserable in pain.

He resolved his 16-year Pain and Drug dependence by simply getting extensive SENSITIVITY testing. His Sensitivity testing Revealed how his pain was being caused by the specific thing he had been eating and wasn’t actually a Mystery as he’d come to believe.

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