My Hearing is back!

hearing loss

I can’t believe it! I feel like I’ve experienced a miracle, although I understand it might just be a little healing. I’ve been dealing with two health issues for 4-5 years. One is my knee, which hasn’t bent properly or without pain for at least 5 years. Despite visiting two top orthopedic surgeons, undergoing 3 MRIs, X-rays, and one surgery, I found no relief and spent thousands of dollars.

Finally, I went to Dr. Chernoff, who previously helped our little boy with his allergies and asthma. After a visit, our son’s allergies vanished, and he didn’t need his nebulizer or inhaler anymore. The change was so significant that even the doctor was shocked and happy for us during his three-year checkup.

Last Friday, after my NAET® treatment, I could bend my knee without pain. I danced with my son, did some gardening, and still find myself bending my knee just to marvel at the absence of pain. My colleagues at work still find it amusing how surprised I am at the effectiveness of NAET® therapy.

The next day, I sought Dr. Chernoff’s help with my hearing, and on Sunday, I regained hearing in my left ear. I no longer need a hearing aid. I can hear my children laugh, and I can even hear my husband snore, which I now consider a blessing. I regret not seeking this help sooner, but I couldn’t be happier about how it has transformed my family’s life and my own.

I got 75% of my hearing back on Sunday and I can hear on the phone.  I’m still dancing and now I can hear the music!

Thank you Dr. Chernoff.


Hope Merkle

Los Osos, CA

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